"I had my first child in 2016 and got knocked off my feet with postpartum issues. I struggled immensely through the first few months of motherhood, feeling very anxious, scared and depressed. I had significant problems learning to breastfeed, and no family in the area to help. Hot mess is the ultimate understatement to describe my transition into motherhood. Eventually (and I mean EVENTUALLY, it took months) the clouds parted and everything clicked into place.

I decided to have a second child in 2019 and vowed to do everything I could to avoid the same postpartum experience over again. I am a private person who does not open up easily to people so I was a bit apprehensive about hiring a postpartum doula. I did some investigating and the more I thought about it the more obvious it seemed...I needed to find someone.

I found Marie and set up an interview when I was 6 months along. She met my husband, my son and I and sat with us in a relaxed atmosphere answering all of our pre-contract questions. She LISTENED to my concerns, she asked us about our expectations and she explained her role, her qualifications, her services. At the end of that meeting it was clear that she would be hired and I could breathe a little easier knowing things would be easier the second time around.

I had my daughter in fall 2019 and the clouds came back. Marie was there for me as I came home from the hospital with my newborn. I was a complete wreck, crying, not wanting to get out of bed etc. Marie spent that first night with me talking and calming me, helping with the baby, the feedings. It would have been TERRIBLE without her there.

As the post partum period continued she became more and more valuable to me and my family. She kept us calm, she always had relevant suggestions for our problems. She cooked and cleaned and did the dreaded laundry. Unlike with my first child, I had time to sit and HOLD MY BABY, instead of running around trying to take care of the house and everyone else. I slept easier knowing she was there.

We had an emergency one night while she was with us and our older child had to go to the ER. Marie made that difficult evening go so much smoother for us. I can't thank her enough for her calm and collected disposition.

She is always available by text, phone or email. I know if I have questions about anything baby-related or family dynamics, or my own wellbeing, or even just to vent that she is there. I have contacted her more than once in the middle of the night and been so glad she was there to help.

Do your research, do your homework and look at your options. I doubt you'll find a better doula anywhere." - Amanda S.

"While I was pregnant, I wasn't sure I would need a postpartum doula because we were having family staying with us after the baby was born. However, it turns out it that hiring Marie was one of the best decisions I ever made. Marie knows just about everything these is to know about taking care of a newborn. She was there for us the first night we came home from the hospital and took care of our baby while we got some rest after a traumatic labor. She was also a great resource for teaching us everything from how to properly swaddle to holding the baby in different positions to make breastfeeding more comfortable. She taught us how to clean and sterilize bottles, how to do pace-feeding, and how to use a breast pump.

We could also text her at any time of day or night with questions - there were times we would lose our minds trying to calm down the baby and Marie would text us back with some tips.

While it was great having our families to help, they just weren't as knowledgeable about newborns. Marie was basically an encyclopedia to everything we needed to know. Not only that, but Marie helped us with dishes and meal-prep. She's a great cook!

Our "doula" period is over (you can only doula for the baby's first 3 months) but we intend to stay in touch with Marie as our son gets older. We intend to do baby-led weaning when he's 6 months old and Marie had said she could help us with that when the time comes." - Amy B.

"Marie did a fantastic job supporting our family in the months after our firstborn's birth. She made a conscientious effort to do things exactly as we wanted and offered advice and support when we wanted it. She is one of our little one's favorite people on the planet and helped us with all sorts of things--Cooking, cleaning, laundry, emotional support, you name it! As we evolved she evolved right alongside us, it felt truly seamless. There is so much change during that time and she never missed a beat when schedules or routines shifted. Her communication really eased the transition back to work.

She was also eager to read the books and materials that we were reading so that we were on the same page and because she enjoys learning. And she learned all the baby technology we used such as Snoo. She is also good with all the smartphone apps like Baby manager for tracking, Arlo baby monitor, etc.

Marie is the ultimate "mommy helper" and will make that difficult time right after birth much easier for your family." - Mike G.

"I can't say enough positive things about Marie and all that she did for us. When our son was few weeks old, my husband and I realized we needed some extra help at night. As first time parents, we were going crazy with lack of sleep and a lack of experience caring for a newborn. Marie took care of our lil bub in the night so we could get some much needed sleep - she fed him, changed him, soothed him. She also woke me up when it was time to pump (which was every time he ate), washed and prepped all the pump parts, streamlined the pumping process, showed me how to wear baby properly, did some meal prep and helped us feel more at ease and confident thru those first difficult weeks. She did her best to answer all baby related questions and if she didn't have an answer in the moment, she always got back to us. She's easy to get along with and professional. We love you Marie!" - Emily K.