Do you have experience providing support to the LGBTQ+ community?

Yes - and all are welcome here. Marie believes in inclusive and mindful care. Everyone deserves access to a doula. Please let me know your pronouns, and any additional information that you are comfortable sharing.

Marie identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community and uses She/Her pronouns.

Do you provide childcare for siblings during birth?

Yes! Marie provides in-home childcare for siblings while parents are in labor and giving birth. Pricing will be a flat rate plus hourly fees.

Marie has experience with ages 0-16, and up to 3 children at a time.

Do you have experience cooking for dietary restrictions?

Yes - in fact, Marie is vegan. She also has experience with allergens including gluten, and with Kosher households. Marie will always ask and follow any restrictions or preferences when shopping for or preparing food. She will also follow said restrictions should she bring any food into the home for her own consumption.

What does overnight care entail?

A typical overnight shift will be between 8 and 12 hours and the goal is to enable parents to get some rest! Marie will care for baby as they wake during the night and either feed from a bottle or assist with breastfeeding. After feeding she will hold them upright and put them back down for bed. If pumping, she will store milk and clean pump parts in accordance with current guidelines.

Marie will rest when baby is resting and all her tasks are done. Awake care can be provided for an additional fee.

Can you help with breastfeeding?

Yes, but Marie is not a lactation consultant or IBCLC. She can help with both breast and bottle feeding.