Marie Nowacki Ford

Postpartum Doula & Antepartum Care Professional


Marie aims to provide holistic and continuous care to families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

With an gentle, inclusive, trauma-informed approach, Marie empowers new parents to feel confident in their new roles and in caring for their baby. She is available for daytime, overnight, and virtual support.

Antepartum Care

Planning for birth and parenthood is important, and can be difficult during the last trimester of pregnancy. Marie is here to help with birth planning, prepping for baby, and everyday errands.

Postpartum Care

Whether you need daytime support or overnight care, Marie comes prepared with evidence based education, physical and emotional support measures, and practical household assistance.

Virtual Support

Sometimes you just need somebody to talk to. You can ask questions or talk about the trials and successes of new parenthood. Marie will refer out to a licences mental health professional, if deemed necessary.

Household Management

Sometimes you do not have time for the basics when becoming a new parent. Marie can assist with errands, cooking and laundry to make your days a little easier.


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