Over a decade of infant care experience.

Marie Nowacki Ford

Marie is a DONA trained Postpartum doula with over a decade of newborn and infant care experience. Through her experience as a nanny, she fell in love with helping families through the journey of parenthood. She witnessed firsthand how chaotic life can be through pregnancy and after birth, so she became a doula to help families navigate the stresses so that they can enjoy their lives together as parents, and with their new baby. She also runs Newborn Nanny Consultants LLC, which helps new families find infant-qualified nannies.

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Marie aims to guide families through the entire journey into parenthood with a gentle, holistic approach. She specializes in hands-on education, physical and emotional support, feeding assistance, sleep training, cooking, and household organization. Her goal is to nurture parents in this vulnerable and intimate time, and empower them to care for their new child with confidence. A full fridge, clean home, and person to talk to can make all the difference! She also provides antepartum support to assist with birth planning, getting ready for baby, and any additional needs in the final trimester of pregnancy.

Marie is a proud member of Balanced Beginnings Doula Collective. You can find more information at https://balancedbeginningsdoulas.com/

A proud member of Balanced Beginnings Doula Collective